We are saddened to announce the closure of Parafin. The gallery opened in 2014 and over the last ten years we have exhibited more than forty artists and mounted over fifty exhibitions.

Parafin was founded with the hope that we could foster an environment for curatorial rigour and inventive exhibition programming, even in a conservative art market. Nonetheless, faced with a challenging economic landscape, we have decided to call time before it is called on us.

We have been honoured to work with some extraordinary artists and it is to them we owe the greatest gratitude. But we are also deeply thankful to the collectors, curators, critics, writers, technicians, photographers, and talented members of staff – and indeed anyone who walked in through the door and engaged with the artworks on display – who have shared this journey with us. It has been a privilege.

Thank you for all your support.

Ben Tufnell and Matt Watkins
Founders, Parafin

With heartfelt thanks to

Mike Ballard

Hannah Brown

Martin John Callanan

Fernando Casasempere

Nathan Coley

Keith Coventry

Cathy de Monchaux

Mimosa Echard

Mark Fairnington

Simon Faithfull

Simon Fujiwara

Hamish Fulton

Evelina Hägglund

Tim Head

Andrea Heller

Nancy Holt

Laurence Kavanagh

Tania Kovats

Melanie Manchot

Hynek Martinec

Enrique Martínez Celaya

Justin Mortimer

Sara Naim

Nika Neelova

Aimée Parrott

Rebecca Partridge

Katie Paterson

Andrew Pierre Hart

Abigail Reynolds

Sophy Rickett

Issa Salliander

Hiraki Sawa

Indre Serpytyte

Melanie Smith

Joan Snyder

Fred Sorrell

Michelle Stuart

Viktor Timofeev

Richard T. Walker

Jonathan Wateridge

Alison Watt

Hugo Wilson

Uwe Wittwer

Clare Woods

Flora Yukhnovich