Justin Mortimer


Published to coincide with a major solo exhibition at Haunch of Venison, London in 2012, this book surveys work from 2009-12.


Mortimer's paintings are characterised by depictions of the human figure isolated in landscapes or interior chambers and surrounded by medical apparatus, machinery and in several works acid coloured balloons. While the specific subject or location of the paintings remains mysterious, they suggest an underworld of clandestine operations and suspicious intent. The multi-faceted nature of Mortimer’s pictures is partly achieved by his use of collage. Before starting to paint, he creates a composite image on Photoshop, which includes jpegs downloaded from the Internet, scans from historical documents and medical textbooks as well as his own photographs. This collage, which can be adapted several times once the painting has begun, is used as a reference for the subject and composition of the final work.


Includes an essay by curator Jane Neal and an interview with Tom Hunt.



Published by Haunch of Venison

Texts by Jane Neal, Tom Hunt

Design by Matt Watkins


2012. 92 pp., 47 ills.

290 x 234 cm

ISBN 978-1-9056-2068-5



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