Flora Yukhnovich: Sweet Spot


Published to accompany Flora Yukhnovich's first solo exhibition at Parafin, 'Sweet Spot' also includes paintings from 2017-18 and a series of Yukhnovich’s studies after Old Masters.


Flora Yukhnovich’s paintings trace connections between a visual language originating in the Rococo with contemporary popular culture, examining and questioning how notions of femininity, taste and beauty have been encoded and restated throughout art history before becoming entrenched within the contemporary aesthetic. The diverse sources for her work are drawn from art history — specifically 18th-century French painting — but are filtered through references to contemporary fashion and music imagery, glossy magazines targeted at young girls, or the packaging of Barbie dolls and Disney toys.


The series of new paintings shown at Parafin navigate a terrain between figuration and abstraction. While motifs such as trees, putti and aspects of the female form are recognisable, they are indeterminate, dissolving in fluid passages of vibrant and painterly mark-making. For Yukhnovich paint is a physical and sensual medium as well as a tool for cultural reflection.


The book includes the first essay on Yukhnovich’s work, by Catriona McAra, University Curator at Leeds Arts University, and an interview with Marta Jiménez Tubau.



Published by Parafin

Essay by Catriona McAra, interview with Marta Jiménez Tubau

Design by Matt Watkins


2019. 80 pp., 43 ills.

25.5 × 20.5 cm

Half cloth

ISBN 978-1-9160917-0-2



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